Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 40 – Wish I Could Say It Was More.

A street in the residential area of George AFB, Victorville California
Written by Wayne

Not much at all to write about today. I woke up and spent the day in the library sending out more web bids and editing a few shots. I have to remind myself to still do that for which I came out here.

At this point in time I’ve sent a resume off for a job in the Alberta oil sands and now have an opportunity to send in a bid for a GREAT photography job in the government sector. I’m sure I’ll be sending this in, tomorrow I will be doing some research and trying to get all my ducks in a row to bid on this project. Lets just say that I wouldn’t have to worry about tires for awhile.

Nothing else has unfolded today. I got one reply from the many bids on the two bit web work I’ve sent out. All he said was they’ve been flooded with responses and will get back to the people they think will fit best.

Another day doing the same tomorrow, I’m still behind on so many edits it’s a good chance to work on them while I wait.

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