Southwest USA 2010-2011 The Road

Day 6 – Got My Groove Back, In My Own Private Idaho

Written by Wayne

I woke up outside of Libby Montana to gray skies but ventured onward. A few miles down the road I got to a turnout that looked out over the Moyie River (the same one that flows through British Columbia. I decided that that spot was as good as any to have some breakfast. I sat by the railing watching the traffic cross the bridge that spanned the narrow but deep canyon as I toted my plastic bowl of cereal and enjoyed a nectarine purchased the day before.

After breakfast I rearranged a few items in the truck and started out, enjoying the first dry day since leaving Calgary. I came across the Arrow Auto Salvage yard in Naples Idaho and decided I needed to start shooting something. They have some old antique junkers in the back so I decided to see if I could wander around. I found the owners out back working on getting a chainsaw working and asked if it would be okay to shoot some of their old junk. Shannon and Jaymie Wood were gracious hosts and we had a brief chat and exchanging cards before I left.


I wandered a bit and stopped at Walmart in Coeur D’Alene for some grocery type supplies and witnessed something I found funny. Idaho (last time I checked) was known for it’s potatoes yet the lady in front of me at the line was purchasing nothing but 3 bags of Idahoan instant potatoes. I just found it odd.

After leaving the superstore giant I moseyed along and made a few little detours finding myself in Princeton and Harvard, Idaho. I also found that funny, me in Harvard (too much time alone perhaps). I got some cool shots of colorful birdhouses along the fence line of a field in Princeton though. Those made my day.

A few more rural stops amidst the rolling Idaho hills and then as the full moon rose I came around a bend to see the lights of Lewiston way down in the valley. After taking a few shots of the lights and making myself a sandwich with my Walmart supplies and enjoying dinner with a view, I then made my way down into Lewiston. Looking for perhaps a coffee shop I could sit and do some editing in I found everything here is closed up tight by 9pm so it likes like I’ll start tomorrow in the library. I need to bid on some more web work, and follow up on a few things as I edit down some of my recent shots and add them to these posts and my store.

Anyway, all is good here in Idaho. Thanks for following.


  • Where is that yard in Naples ID? Is it easy to find? Off a main road? I love looking at old cars and I will be on vacation in the area this summer.

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