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Home for Some Olympic Spirit

I originally left Vancouver back in October because I wanted to get away from the Olympics. The construction, the chaos, the political disputes and protests (although I agree with many of their points). I had planned to stay away until after the games were done and gone…but here I am.

My friends had taunted me, saying that the vibe and energy was great. The people were here and the experiences were something you may only have the opportunity to have once. With that said I came home early and I’m glad I did.

The energy is amazing. The patriotic feeling across the city as we watch Canada’s athletes compete and cheer them on while hosting the rest of the world is amazing. This IS truly a once in a lifetime experience and how fitting that it came right after finishing another that I will never forget.

I’m glad to be home! Go Canada Go!

Canada Scores on Germany! Goal Six.

Canada Scores on Germany! Goal Six.

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