Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 84 – Clear Mind but Cloudy Skies.

After a couple of rough days mentally, worrying about money and second guessing my ideas of the future I took a step back. I read 10 chapters in Stuart Wilde’s “The Infinite Self” and what I read made a lot of sense. I believe in the power of the mind already, I just needed a different spin and to be reminded of a few things.

Today I was out back at it again. The weather for most of the day was cloudy and grey. I Went through Bonavista, up to the Cape and the lighthouse. I carefully went to the edge of a cliff, hung my camera by the tripod out over the edge and snapped away. I drove down to the historical town of Trinity and barely got the last bit of light that was finally pushing through the clouds. After that I tossed a coin and ended up driving into the night. I’m now in Grand Falls Windsor after a few hours of varied winter driving. I’m going to look into catching the ferry on Friday morning and making my way back to Port-aux Basque and then the mainland.

Bonavista Cod Shack

Bonavista Cod Shack

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