Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 83 – Bittersweet is the Turnaround

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Not sure what I thought I would feel or even what I wanted out of it but the fact that I made it this far and now essentially have to turn around has left me feeling a little off. Honestly I was feeling a little blue the last few days anyway but figured I’d get over it once I hit the East of the East.

It’s not like the adventure is over, I still have to make it home and have no set agenda as per the way here. Basically it comes down to making the money last.

As I was leaving to come on this trip a friend gave me a book written by Stuart Wilde. I’d never read any of his stuff but have read other books regarding spirituality, energy, positivity and “the universe” etc before. I just opened this book and am halfway through it tonight. Good timing too as it made a lot of sense and I feel much better about a lot of things, including the rest of this trip and my goals upon my return to “regular” everyday life. What makes me smile is the fact that since I have everything to do with it, my regular everyday life is going to get pretty sweet in the next couple of years. I don’t have much to complain about and a lot to be thankful for so really it’s not a long journey. I simply have to keep my “ego” in check and lose the fear, the fear of actually doing what I’m doing now so I can keep doing it. Yes, you heard it here first, this trip wasn’t exactly “easy” for me to just get up and do. It still isn’t.

For now though I am back in the right headspace. Tomorrow will be another great day for photos as I explore Bonavista Newfoundland Then I will again be slowly on my way closer to people that mean the world to me. Until I get there, I will be lost in my element, appreciating what is absorbed through these orbs in my skull.

Lighthouse at Cape Spear

Lighthouse at Cape Spear

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