Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 34 – Fog, Wind, Lighthouses and Lobster Traps

Awaking to a drizzly, foggy day I ventured along the New Brunswick shores of the St. Lawrence some more today. Miscou Island and the Miscou lighthouse. Shippagan, Pigeon Hill and a few old shacks and houses in between.

After shooting the lighthouse on the point of Miscou Island I traveled back down, finding an old shack. As I explored it I found one section was full of lobster traps, door open. So I took a few shots of them all stacked up, the cloudy sky peaking through the open and neglected roof.

Despite the glum weather I think I got some interesting shots. After dark I started looking for a laundromat as it’s getting to be that time again. No luck yet and I’ve ended up back in Miramishi again for the night. Will be heading South when I leave here tomorrow, not North into the bush like last time.

Lighthouse at the tip of Miscou Island, New Brunswick

Lighthouse at the tip of Miscou Island, New Brunswick

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