Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 21 – Last Night in Toronto

On the advisement of Katy’s boyfriend Anthony I took a trolley down to the Distillery District today to see if I could get some shots. The area is an old area from the 1800s but has all been developed into new and trendy art galleries, restaurants etc. I did get a few touristy shots of the old brick buildings etc but my favorite of the day was a small 70’s Winnebago I found in a parking lot. It’s ok, you can call me weird.

After dropping my camera gear back at the house I went back downtown to the infamous Horseshoe Tavern to meet my friend Shawn and his girlfriend Shannon both from Vancouver (although Shawn grew up out here which is why he’s in town). It was good to see faces from home. After we left there we met Shawn’s buddy Trevor at his home away from home Tietro. After a couple of beer we decided to head. Trevor’s friend Kim was gracious and gave me a lift back to Riverdale as she lives in the area. It was a good night to wind up my stay here. Tomorrow I leave, perhaps for Niagara Falls.

Toronto Sunset

Toronto Sunset

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