Across Canada 2009-2010 The Road

Day 18 – Day of Chores

I woke up in Barrie just a little late. The sun wasn’t up yet but the daylight was filtering in. I rubbed my eyes and noticed an awesome sunrise was in the making, orange and pink sky in the East. I wasn’t near anything photogenic but decided to test my luck and see if I could get something that worked with the incredible light. Just as the RED sun was breaking the horizon I found a corn field with some distant trees and got a few shots off before the sun was at full brilliance and white.

Aside from these shots the rest of my day consisted of finally getting my laundry done, cleaning Betty (the truck) and driving the remainder of the way to Toronto. I explored Yonge Street while killing time before meeting up with my friend Katy and her boyfriend Anthony.

Here in Toronto for a few days and then we’ll see what the road has to offer once again.

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